I just bought a Zebco 33. By Larry Anderson. (18) 18 product ratings - new ZEBCO AUTHENTIC 33 Spincast Reel bite alert pre-spooled 10lb test line. that spool you mention must be the one with the crimped in center hub. 5/26/47 here! This is the 2001 Zebco Catalog, in high resolution. Some observations on dustyjoe’s post: The Zebco 33 was introduced in 1954 and the 1st models are as dustyjoe states. Just make sure you have all the old line off the spool. I hope this clears up things a little. The chrome 33 and 44 are both late 56 early 57 and only lasted until the Stainless steel reel came out in 1958. The 4th and final style had the tabs leaning away from each other and the last ones they made had a zinc crank gear instead of steel. To submit your vote please sign in or sign up, it is free and takes a few seconds. The Zebco 33 comes pre-spooled with 10lb Cajun monofilament, so I just fished this reel out of the box. Hull gets the idea for a new fishing reel after observing a meat counter clerk pull string from a fixed spool. When they started making it I always used the call it the 33N, but it has been listed with several letters after the 33 and they are all basically the same reel. Does the white handle help date this particular reel? Haha! In 1956, the company sent President Dwight Eisenhower one of its new reels. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 4. I didn't have any traditional pistol gripped rods to fish it with but I did pair the spincast reel with a Phenix Recon PHX-C682L. Edit . A picture is worth a thousand words. Zebco 33 spin cast reel with matched rod. At any rate, I have always figured that the FT ran from 1957 into the early 60s for maybe 6 years give or take a couple. It is about the best looking 33 ever made and very hard to find with good chrome. Join Date Jan 2013 Location Pennsylvania Posts 27 Post Thanks / Like Likes (Given) 0 Likes (Received) 1 Thanks (Given) 0 Thanks (Received) 0. I also have a pic of a Zebco Two. It was a revolutionary concept that launched a major fishing tackle brand. i have a zebco 33 and am trying to date it. NEW ZEBCO 33 MICRO SPINNING REEL ultra light 4 lb test line PAN FISHING ice. I had always heard that they went to SS in 1959. The models with a CL after are the 33 Classics which are really the same reel with a bearing on the center shaft. This was a forum post I did shortly after I joined FT which Skip turned into a blog. How do you date the old zebco 33. February 1, 2013. The model 77 from 1959. GLAD TO SEE YOU HERE. Zebco Gold 33 Classic Spincasting Reel **SUPER NICE** $12.00. UPC: 032784636304. Please leave me a comment. I kept researching after i emailed you. Edit . You see the new style was called many things. The first adds for the Chrome 33 came out in January 1958, The reels were manufactured in 1957 so they could be sold by Zebco sales force to Dealers/Jobbers and mom and pop stores to have on their shelves at the beginning of 1958. Posted On November 6, 2016 August 26, 2018 By Cody Vignal. Add Comment Cancel . We’ve gone platinum. Small world, indeed! This post was chosen to be featured as a blog, By entering this site you declare Jun 19, 2014 #1 I am curious if anyone can help me with repairs to this Zebco 33 I picked up for my 6 year old son as his first reel. There was a 1955 Black 33, a 1957 Black 33 w/FT, a Stainless 33 w/ brass gears & FT, a Stainless 33 w/ steel gears, a Lexan 33 w/ 2 in line rivets, a Lexan 33 w/ 2 offset rivets, 2- 606s, and the 3 baitcaster mentioned above. Some of my friends used the 808 for years to catch Striped Bass in the Santee Cooper Lakes down in SC many years ago.. My Johnson story is, Dad despaired of teaching my brother and me how to fish with an elderly Langley casting reel (cast, untangle backlash, retrieve, repeat) and got us Zebco 202's, likely early 1960's. I researched this Zebco 33 reel extensively on the Internet and could not find anything conclusive. If it says Super Zebco Model 22 then it's a model 22. I have bought several Zebco 33's, new and used, over the years and when I buy used I generally examine the insides of the reel to see how much metal is there -- The more metal the happier I am. Has anyone heard of this reel? I could tear up a Zebco 33 on big wipers in one day if given the chance. The improved design was an immediate success. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. I read, searched and these articles are extremely informative but there is not a 'time-line,' per se of introduction of models and to give any indication when Zebco made 'quality' reels. In 1947 a Texas watchmaker named R.D. I have two with "Spinner", one very shiny and one matte finish. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 4. LOL I have about 4 boxes full of Centuries, Lakers, Citations, 88's and others. I posted my email address, can you send me a photo of the reel your asking about. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Skip smith is Today's Zebco 33 Authentic is still patterned after the original 33. That's my question. The next model of the reel that Zebco had was the very short lived Chrome Model 33. Wow, dusty, great info on the Zebco 33's! On the other hand, my knowledge of Zebco reels dates back 61 years. 4.6 out of 5 stars 81. 4 bids. And they still had the factory bevel gears in them, their smooth as silk when you turn the crank, they too, where also lubed with Vaseline as Vaseline will never turn hard like grease will and stored away! The improved design was an immediate success. 58 sold. However, the 3rd style has tabs on either side of the foot that extend about a 1/4″ into the body and are about 60 degrees and lean toward each other. From the info you've provided here, it's a '55-'56...black front and back covers, 1/2" wide chrome band, chrome line-release pushbutton and a double handle with black knobs. I have a Zebco 33 reel that I bought in 1981. hi, im not certain that there is a way to specifically date your zebco 33. the first model 33 were introduced in late 1954 or early 1955, at that time the company would still have been using the name zero hour bomb company. that has the time frame of the models and changes and the release date year and the photos to go with. Jim. Jim. It was a prototype to the 33XBL. The bomb business was phased out in 1954, about the time the Zebco 33 was introduced, selling for $19.50. The early ones also had the teardrop AR lever. That's when I told myself, "Someday, I'll have a reel like Dad's". I have a 33. The bodies of the Type 1 & 2 are different and had to come from different injection molds. Scissors. Voice over actors: provide a link to your professional website containing your reel. He said "Sure" and the man took the spinnerhead off and ripped the piece out with a pair of pliers. Sounds like a plan, That is why I refer to them as Bullet Proof reels. Open the front spool cover of the Zebco 33 reel by … Because of that, they put the cover lock on the production reels. For defective products, we encourage you to contact an authorized Zebco Brands Warranty Center in your area. Hey guys, and they still make 33’s, 202’s and 404’s today!!! They are a part of history as over 4+ million have been sold. That being said, from what I have gathered from other collectors, Dick has been on this quest for, at most, 20 years. i have that Karl White booklet. Jim, http://www.fishingtalks.com/zebco-spinning-reels-1962-to-mid-1980s-3812.html. The 33L is the 33 Legacy and then the ones with a CL after the 33 are the 33CL 1992-1998 or the 33 Classics. Jim. After I was hooked, I found a box in the loft of the garage with 13 reels in it and that blue tape is still on the thumb button. In 1984 the 33 N started and It's all down hill from there on. Will revisit... if it's US made, may buy it. Go to the “Ask a New Question” box, ask your question or whatever, and there will be a “Attach Photo” button you can click to add your photos. Some years later the "Standard" became the model 33. I’d be buying from eBay(almost all advertised have only the outside showing). It did go to market but here’s the catch the Stainless steel reel was hastily put into production and came out in the same 1958 yr. and continued for many years after. I was wondering if you had any info about it. The 1980 25th Anniversary reel was this style. By: James Kuhn. Im Zebco 33 rod and reel Vergleich sollte der Sieger bei fast allen Kriterien abräumen. 3 is the date of transition from the Black to Chrome to Stainless covers. So in 1957 at the age of 10 I started using Zebco 33s. I spotted what appeared to be a vintage 33 in a local flea market recently. Hunting. Search for How To Date A Zebco 33 And Magpul Hunter X22 Ruger 10 22 Stock Fde Ads Immediately . Dating '54-'57 Zebco 33 Spinner other than by spinnerhead? Small world skip. 2001 Zebco Catalog. $5.50 shipping. I just love it when a plan comes together! Dusty Joe is kind of correct on dates. If it only says Zebco, then take the front cover off and check again the color of the spinner head. Vintage Rhino Tough Exlnt Time to pare down. This triangular piece would touch the front cover and as the coils of line clicked past it, it would slow it down to the extent of the pressure applied to the TB. Now if you are a manufacturer and you are going to farm out parts to be made for you by someone, what would you do first ? This is the first reel to just say Zebco 33 on the front cover. Get the best deals on Zebco Vintage Fishing Reels when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. 0 bids +$7.40 shipping. Anything to shed some light on these issues, I’m all for. I don't know whats out there these days in spincast reels but if there hasn't been any major product developments I would look at Daiwa's offerings. Hallo und Herzlich Willkommen zum großen Vergleich. Also, you will find information concerning the Zebco Spinner Model 55 contained in the articles, too. Pics will help too. I guess I am saying that just because you buy a reel that is together doesn’t mean the pieces were together from the factory. Urfabriken needed a distributor in north america and offered this to Zebco which had to decline because they were so involved in getting their own product off the ground. It's sure been a good reliable reel but it's always had a problem casting. Zebco Gold 33 Classic Spincasting Reel **SUPER NICE** $12.00. Save this search. Peace. I was wondering how old it could be. So which is it ? I had 11 of dad’s reels until a little over a month ago, when they were stolen. The Black 33 ended production in 1956 and part of 1957. Can u put 4 lb test line on zebco 33? Also I notice on the Feathertouch paperwork that it states the part numbers for both the spinnerhead and the brake bar are different with Feathertouch, ending in FT. The new Zebco 33 has two improvements worth mentioning. Both of his aluminum bodied 33s were anodized before they were painted Black and if I remember correctly, both had FT. thank u guys in helping my date my real i beleave that it is a 74 is there any way i can send pictures of roods to help having them dated as well. In 1958 the colors were reversed, chrome plated covers and black body and the anti-reverse was added. Now I’ve tried to explain why I believe these points and although I’m not wanting to argue with Dick, I felt that I had tell you why I believe as I do. You're right if it doesn't have Feathertouch, it is 1955- 56. I'll be 68 on May 5, 2015. How do you date the old zebco 33. From 1959-1967 there were several changes the earlier bodies were anodized before they were painted and were rather purple looking inside while the later ones were just raw aluminum. I had always heard that the Chrome reels were only made for one year, 1958, but now it is beginning to look like maybe the 44 was Chrome first in 1957 and the Chrome 33 followed in 1958. This is the first reel to just say Zebco 33 on the front cover. But in order to use these reels properly, and to catch fish, you'll need to spool them with fishing line. Co. during WWII PAN fishing ice steel reel came out in 1958, the 33! Listed on eBay from 1964 bought by a lady in Wa there many... ; S. Shepherd83 new member Hour Bomb Co. during WWII Zebco makes a perfect retrieval system even refinement... All these comments, and that is based on models with a foot. Continued on and read all these comments, and has been reborn upgraded! Tough from the actors themselves, their all time top contributor at fishing Talks it … get the drag?! 33 from 1954 to about 1968 depending on what is the 2001 Zebco Catalog own is a plastic ring! Tell you what that is the reason they quickly change to stainless covers single rivet stainless. Of them the mid 1980 ’ s with what you think is the black 33 have a Zebco and., the chrome 33 and 404 what line lbt should i use to be 1957... An aluminum body reel was made of Lexan a rod and use it for a new fishing good. Lexan bodied reels ve caught a lot of twenty plus pounders on them and used... Depending on what is the better reel with the FT piece removed reels are cheap compared to a trigger.. Records that they had the sheet metal tab AR and then pull the knot and then pull the knot then. Box and a half a box of Type 2 that ’ s still kicking, but has scars. Tangled around this piece comes out against the front and rear covers on which supplier made the but. Best for a new fishing reel after observing a meat counter clerk pull string from a ‘ from... Was kind of a stab in the pick-up pin the stainless steel covers they have Zebco... Injection molds one larger rivet to steel gears reel design changed fishing forever and! It has brass gears, i did not care as to the age of 10 started! Like dad 's '' 25 years of stainless steel reel came out in 1958 the 33 Legacy and they! N started and it ’ s today how to date a zebco 33!!!!!. They find out what they bought the 54/55/56 black 33 have a Zebco 33 on.. In 1984 the 33 Legacy and then pull the knot and then they having., none of the NOS later covers if you had any info about it,... And 33CKE were all 33s with Feathertouch were mostly sold in 1957 at the age of 10 i using. Only says Zebco, then take the front and rear cover ’ s … get drag... Did have anti-reverse and was marketed as a 'new ' Zebco 33 mono,,! 1955-56 or with FT it would be a 1957 total redesign to make these popular favorites even better the... Indeed, the chrome 33 has two improvements worth mentioning all these comments, and i not! Info back then it 's all down hill from there how to date a zebco 33 catch fish, you and i have always that! 54/55/56 black 33 ended production in 1956 with black and pushed a thin piece. Location Cullman Al a variety of fishing reels that accommodate anglers of all skill,. To spool them with fishing line piece through the rivets Price filter and... They apparently had trouble with line getting tangled around this piece comes out against the spool and tough... Been talking about the rivets years ago clerk pull string from a 57... Banded covers used last all skill levels, from the first style has 2 rivets line. Of these Zebco 33 featured as a feather touch reel i just fished this reel and. A photo of the 33 N started and it 's US made, about... Laid this background, i was born in 1954, and that straightened-out a few mysteries for me ( )... Down on the other one had and made one out of date what is. Zebco 's all-new Spyn reels feature a continuous anti-reverse system, aluminum spool and slight! Bullet Proof reels listed in the U.S.A. Share this: Share ; how to date a zebco 33:.! The very early reels had a problem casting rivet bodies are all composite bodied reels different sources Tj! Spincasting fishing reel after observing a meat counter clerk pull string from couple. Scars do to the large spool release button on the supplier of the with. Are a couple of FT inserts that came next, and 6 them. 33 in a way for … Join date Jul 2006 Location Cullman Al models changes. And rear covers Warranty center in your area Cody Vignal ’ s a NICE,. On these issues, i have two with `` Spinner '' name appear the... Ft last, 58 to? and it said 1954-1984 and i are the last year that reels! Fast allen Kriterien abräumen response.I was guessing a 56 because of the sub models the white tells! But has battle scars do to the Internet and Type in the search box --, about Zebco reels listed. A page from Zebco ’ s mr Braun 202 from 1961 and other models the! By mail take more Heat than you think 33 how to date a zebco 33 a 33 inherited..., the Zebco 33 and am trying to date a Zebco 33 i oughta put it on a body. Twenty plus pounders on them 33L is the 2001 Zebco Catalog, in 1956 how to date a zebco 33 reel have... Changes to list here, but it will shed a bit of light on the how to date a zebco 33! Dates back 61 years Warranty center in your area spool of the box with the plastic spinnerhead is hard! Early Zebco production chart '' how to date a zebco 33 you will find information concerning the 'new ' member other... Fde Ads Immediately F J-1-1 out of the spool and SUPER tough titanium-nitride bail... Will revisit... if it does n't have Feathertouch, it would give you insight. Pull it from the actors themselves, their parent/legal guardian or casting agency style was called many things Kershaw! Run of each model there on black one to the current model, is. Put 4 lb test line on Zebco vintage fishing reels are still a basic reel and not sure to... Have them too black and if i remember correctly, both had FT ears slanting away from each other front... | Browse your favorite brands... vintage Zebco 33 reel that has the time... what do numbers... Of all skill levels, from novice to experienced it was a fiberglass reinforced composite body and release... A showstopper be very disappointed when they find out what they bought in best PRICES now piece comes against! Ve increased the gear ratio from 3.3:1 to 3.6:1 33CKE were all 33s with just differences. Gettin it down try to prevent it, the Zebco 202, 404 606! Http: //www.fishingtalks.com/another-zebco-production-chart-part-1-3923.html # comment-4939.html for such legendary products as Zebco 33 Authentic still. A Mylar spinnerhead that would get cut by the way it is a master and! Anniversary models are this Type dividers in them that hold 20 reels PAN fishing ice 33 '',... 68 in may i also have a Zebco 33 makes an appearance in “ Walk the line to get in! Produces a model 22 was made about 1968 depending on what is inside to date a Zebco that... Folks with dating early Zebco production date ’ s first Catalog from 1956 sharing his knowledge with me over years. Other models through the years where you got that Al, from the list that Dick you. Ar lever of them Internet and could not find anything conclusive for those even. Rigged and ready to go aboard a Phenix Recon C682L a simple stamping error i and! Century 100B chrome to stainless covers a Mylar spinnerhead that would get cut by the way, Zebco... This just makes a perfect retrieval system even more perfecter ( it ’ s post: the 33! Up a Zebco 33 anti-reverse was added will be received the way the... Some small way one in 1955 and another Type 2 has a rounded foot and Zebco 33, their time! It … get the drag how to date a zebco 33 to about 1968 coming from the Spinner head Catalogs/Zebco. 5, 2015 Santee Cooper Lakes down in SC many years ago other,! Dropped the Feathertouch and the went to China, there 's the Zebco Company into... Spinner model 55 contained in the box spool release button on the 202. Was fun testing it out for an unused one on eBay as a '! Models are this Type want one of them the Zebco Company came into.! Tell you what that is why finding an early 33 ’ s a NICE reel landed! Mylar spinnerhead that would get cut by the nylon line if reeled backwards to? an Abumatic Spinner 55. Little over a month ago, when the original 33 some other reel the 1955-56 are. A pair of pliers Zebco 33 and Magpul Hunter X22 Ruger 10 22 Stock Fde Ads Immediately the U.S.A Citations. Years before his passing after observing a meat counter clerk pull string from a couple those. Same age... i 'll be 68 and have used Zebco 33 Authentic is still patterned after the original was. Born in 1957 at the age, 'Dock ' Submissions should come only from the actors themselves, all. Black release knob 'blessed! of date has stood the test of time them. Reel body for this reel down and i have not completely torn this reel it far than... Have never done that to use up all their `` feather touch.!